Breakfast: Social Media for educators

Event date: 
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 -
07:30 to 12:30

Join us for breakfast where DK, CORE Education's Social Media Manager, will discuss "Social Media for educators".

DK joined CORE Education in July as the company's first Social Media Manager after recently emigrating from the UK where he was the Founding Director of the highly successful MediaSnackers. 

MediaSnackers inspires people to learn, work and live differently with social media. This work has included developing and delivering social media training for teachers and youth services, devising brand-raising strategies for national government departments and social media marketing strategies for games manufacturers. Recent clients have included the Welsh Assembly, UNICEF and The Gates Foundation.

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DK also created Social Media For Suits, personalised mentoring for CEOs and executives who want to understand and effectively use social media.

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What's all this social media nonsense?

Using cross-sector examples of social media in action, DK will illustrate how organisations are utilising social media to humanise their brand. He will also explore how others are leveraging the power of social principles to achieve wider learning opportunities including the ability to connect with experts across the world.

What is the value of this to educators? 

DK will demonstrate that, while Twitter and Facebook are two examples of social media, there are many more platforms to utilise, to adapt and adopt. He will also show what's really changed for young people, outline the opportunities for educators and clarify how this challenges the traditional model of education.

  • This CORE breakfast session will:
  • give an overview of the shifting media landscape
  • enlighten you as to what social media is
  • explore the use of social media through a range of cross-sector examples
  • give guidance about how NOT to use social media
  • share why "playing is learning by stealth"
  • make you smile / think.

Who is this seminar and masterclass workshop for?

This session is for educators who want to understand social media and its uses in the context of their work. It is not a session about the 'how to use' aspects of these applications, but rather for those who want a brain melting overview of how these social media platforms can be used to extend learning.

Breakfast will be served at 7.30am, with DK beginning the discussion at 7.45am (please note the earlier start date). He will wrap things up around 9am but you are invited to stay and chat with DK, other CORE staff and one another after the seminar.

Workshop (only 20 spaces available)

The workshop will be delivered in two parts: first, DK will host a masterclass, illustrating some of the online platforms available, their practical uses and connections. The second part will be your chance to get hands-on with the tools and practices discussed which you will then be able to use in your classrooms with your pupils. This workshop is for social media beginners.


Wednesday 6 June 7.30am (Workshop 9.30am-12.30pm)


Hingaia Peninsula School
171 Hingaia Road
Auckland 2580

Date: Thursday 29th March 7.30 (workshop 9.30-12.30)