Future ready? Explore the 2019 Ten Trends


About the seminar

One of the key reasons we have schools is to prepare our young people for their future - but what might that involve? Historically it’s been about preparing them for work, but in a world of constant change this isn’t so straight forward. Using CORE’s Ten Trends as a starting point, this presentation will explore a variety of perspectives on what being ‘future ready’ means for young people today. We will examine some of the responses we need to consider, in terms of the curriculum (what we teach), our pedagogical practices (how we teach) and the learning environments we use (where we teach).

This CORE breakfast seminar will:

Address the following questions.

  • What are the drivers of change in education, and how are they the same or different to what is impacting so many other areas of our lives and society?
  • If being future ready involves more than preparing students for work, what are the implications we need to consider in terms of our curriculum and the ways we teach?
  • Why is responding to these questions so difficult in schools and the education system in general?

Who is this seminar for?

  • School leaders
  • Teachers
  • Board of Trustee members
  • Parents

About the workshop

The workshop will provide opportunities for participants to dig deeper into the issues raised in the seminar and consider the implications in their own context. It will:

  • challenge you to think critically about the learning you design for learners in your context
  • provoke discussion about some of the things you could be doing to ensure your students are future ready
  • empower you to think of practical steps you could take to put these plans into action.

Meet the presenter

Derek Wenmoth 2

Derek Wenmoth

Derek Wenmoth is regarded as one of New Zealand education's foremost future-focused thinkers, and works extensively with educational communities as they seek to prepare students for their future. He also consults with policy makers and government agencies regarding the future directions of New Zealand’s educational policy and practice.


Dunedin City Baptist Church

19 Main South Road
Dunedin 9018

There is free parking at the venue.