Dr Vince Ham eFellowship application form


Applications close on Monday 25 November 2019.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by Thursday 12 December. Virtual interviews with shortlisted applicants will take place between 13-19 December 2019. Applicants will be informed of final outcome on Friday 24 January 2020.


There is no preference from the selection committee for any particular media format, reflecting our commitment to enable applicants to demonstrate their knowledge and learning using media they are comfortable with.

To ensure fairness, the word count and overall media time limits are strict. Applications exceeding these may be excluded from selection without notification to the applicant beforehand. You may, however, wish to mix and mash text with other media formats (where indicated). This is accepted as long as you do not exceed the limits.

For example:
✓ Acceptable - 200 words of text and 3 minutes of media content is fine (adds up to five)
Х Not acceptable - 300 words of text and 3 minutes of media content exceeds the limits (adds to six)

Applicants are welcome from all sectors and are invited to complete their application in either English or Te Reo Māori.

Personal details
(maximum 100 words)
(maximum 100 words)
Please be specific (maximum 50 words)
(maximum 200 words)

Please address each of the criteria below (no more than five minutes of total media time OR no more than 500 words of text. To submit a media file, paste an existing link if you already have one OR upload your video to YouTube, and paste the link below.) *

- Identify the potential for the proposed inquiry to produce a significant change in effective and equitable teaching and learning.
- Explain how the intended action research may link to at least one of Bolstad and colleagues’ (2012) future-focused themes outlined in the call for applications.
- Explain how your inquiry demonstrates your commitment as a Tiriti o Waitangi partner.

Your commitment

As part of your obligations to the eFellowship you are required to attend all four regional hui in 2020 on the following dates:

- Auckland: Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 February 2020
- Christchurch: Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 June 2020
- Wellington: Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 August 2020
- Hamilton (uLearn20): 7-9 October 2020

Travel, accommodation, meals and teacher release (TRD or equivalent funding) is covered in this grant. CORE will make your travel arrangements as required. It is your responsibility to make sure your school is notified of your need to be at these hui which is why we ask you to seek approval from your employer for you to participate in this eFellowship.