Dr Vince Ham Excellence in Postgraduate Research Scholarship


This scholarship is no longer available.

We now honour the memory of Dr Vince Ham in the Dr Vince Ham eFellowship, which he was involved in from its inception.

Tomokia te ao, te ao whatu tāngata, tātai ki runga, tātai ki raro, tātai aho rau, haumi e, hui e, tāiki e.

Tēnei te reo pōhiri ki ngā muka tāngata katoa huri noa kia tono mai ki tēnei wānanga whakangugnu kaiako ki raro i te maru o Tātai Aho Rau o CORE Education.

Tātai Aho Rau is a concept that drives our professional practice at CORE Education. It encapsulates four key elements: Whakapapa, Reo, Tikanga and Wairua.

CORE Education’s mission is to push the boundaries of educational possibility. We support this mission by by collaborating with educators to develop, improve, and disseminate powerful knowledge and practice that supports effective and equitable teaching and learning.

The Vince Ham Research Scholarship supports educators to conduct supported inquiry and teacher research in two ways: either by providing financial and mentoring support for a supported research inquiry into a research question or wondering of your choice; or by supporting course costs for a postgraduate education dissertation or thesis. Please ensure your inquiries contribute to the research and thinking about effective and equitable teaching and learning.

Vince Ham

Vince Ham, a former New Zealand Rhodes Scholar, was a founding director of CORE Education in 2003, and undertook the role of Director of Research. Vince had particular interest in educational research methods, especially action research, the professional learning of teachers and teacher educators, and the use of ICTs for teaching and learning.

The Vince Ham Scholarship was set up in honour of Vince's contribution to education.

Tribute to the late Dr Vince Ham

CORE Education is pleased to announce the winners of the Dr Vince Ham Excellence in Research Scholarship 2016. The Dr Vince Ham Research Scholarship provides financial assistance to educators (early childhood, primary and secondary) to undertake research contributing to effective and equitable teaching and learning.

Danielle Myburgh

Danielle MyburghI am a teacher, learner, questioner and aspiring leader and innovator. Throughout my career as a teacher, CORE Education and its passionate, knowledgeable staff have undoubtedly made an enormous contribution to my success in the teaching profession. I greatly appreciate their further support through the Vince Ham Scholarship and look forward to see what my research might contribute to the education community.

I am the founder of #edchatNZ, and a Learning Community leader and e-learning specialist at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. As an educator, I am committed to New Zealand’s students. I aspire to support students and teachers to build an incredible future for New Zealand, and to become actively contributing global citizens. I am passionate about growing collaboration and expertise of our teachers across the country to develop a more future-focused education system for all New Zealanders.

My research
Major changes in the world beyond education have led to calls for a more “future-focused” education system: however, change has so far been slow or small in scale. This project plans to investigate one possible way to bring about the required change on a larger scale. It will explore the extent to which participants in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) about future-focused education talk to colleagues about ideas they are exposed to, and what these conversations are like. It will also explore the extent to which participants’ thinking (about education) changes as they experience the MOOC.

Florence Lyons

Florence LyonsI am Florence Lyons, I teach French and Social Studies in a rural secondary school in the Waikato. In 2010, I had the privilege of being a CORE Education eFellow. It was an extraordinary year during which I learnt so much from my own inquiry but also from conversations with the other eFellows. I have fond memories of that year.

My research
This year, I am undertaking a Master of Professional Studies at the University of Auckland. My research will investigate the role of digital technologies in the provision of equitable formative feedback to students. I am particularly interested to look at the link between equity and technology when giving regarding feedback.

Rene Novak

Rene NovakI have had a strong interest in education for most of my life and have engaged myself in all of its diverse sectors with a strong passion for comparative pedagogy and global education studies. I am extremely thankful to have been honoured with this prestigious scholarship to be able to pursue my interest further in my upcoming PhD studies.

Through my studies I have gained teaching qualifications in all sectors, a degree in Pedagogy, a degree in Science, and I have recently completed my Masters of Education with the University of Waikato. For the last seven years I have been working for BestStart Educare and am currently supporting our Rotorua centres as the Professional Services Manager. I am looking forward to the new experiences of my journey of lifelong learning and am hoping that my life’s contributions will in some way positively affect the outcomes of children.

My research
The current education system has not changed much since it has been established in the industrial revolution modelled after its factory production lines. Since then much has changed and now in this world of information technology the economic needs of the society are continually evolving. The need for individuals that are able to cope with constant change arose. Productive people will need to be capable to adapt to jobs that do not even exist yet throughout their lifespans by being actively engaged in life-long learning. Open Education strive to achieve exactly that by encouraging creativity, individuality, intrapreneurship, collaboration in a world of open knowledge economy. My aim is to design a working school model that would successfully embed the philosophy of educational openness where the achievement of all students would be guaranteed by focusing on their individual strengths and the power of creativity brought together into a collaborative production model that celebrates diversity and difference.

Sharona Jayavant

Sharona JayavantIt is a privilege and blessing to have been awarded the Vince Ham Excellence in Postgraduate Research Scholarship in commencement of my Doctoral research at the University of Auckland.

As an experienced primary school teacher who has taught in both New Zealand and overseas, including leadership and teacher mentorship roles, I have had incredible opportunities to further expand in my current role as a Researcher on high profile national and international projects that align with my own desire for social change. In addition, I was selected as the International Student Liaison for the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Postgraduate Student Committee and have two accepted proposals for presentation at their centennial conference in Washington, D.C this year. When I am not exercising my grey cells, you’ll find me travelling around the world, exploring different cultures, trying new cuisines or relaxing at the beach.

My research
I am passionate about educational leadership, social justice and equity for the greater good. I believe education is a public good and a basic right to all, emphasising the importance of the contribution education makes to social and economic development to sustain citizen participation in democracy. Issues of inequalities are not exclusive to education alone but are intersectional with social, economic and political spheres, thus equity is a crosscutting issue. In my research I plan to connect findings to practice that endeavours to improve outcomes for systemically underserved students through community initiatives that promote successful actions to improve educational equity in New Zealand. Particularly, to better understand and apply equity and innovation in school leadership, while engaging research that links schools and communities in a reciprocal relationship that impacts student outcomes and promotes social inclusivity.

I am honoured and grateful to be associated with CORE Education and look forward to sharing my research endeavours with the wider educational community.