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eLearnings: Implementing a National strategy for ICT in Education, 1998–2010 (ebook)

CORE Education
Edited by: 
Vince Ham
Derek Wenmoth


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2010 was an important year in the history of ICT in New Zealand, and to recognise this CORE Education has published a book celebrating a decade of the implementation of a National ICT Strategy for Education in New Zealand (1998–2010).

Few countries in the world have embarked on such an ambitious approach to a national ICT strategy for schools as New Zealand. This book archives the impact and implementation of the national ICT strategy in New Zealand, 1998-2010, from the perspectives of the people who effected that implementation. It is a story of both policy initiative from the ‘top down’ and local innovation ‘from the bottom up’, as seen through the eyes of some of the politicians, bureaucrats, industry partners, consultants, principals and teachers who lived the experience.

The book contains a collection of 'personal perspectives' from people who have been prominently and intimately involved in the implementation of the various strategies over the last twelve years.

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