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Disrupting the boundaries of teaching and learning: How digital devices became a resource for transformative change in a time of crisis (Summary)

Te Toi Tupu, CORE Education, Greater Christchurch Schools Network, MoE
Louise Taylor


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This is a two page summary of the findings from The Pegasus Digital Devices Project. The report outlines how the project came about, who was involved, how the devices were integrated into schools, and the learning and change that occurred for teachers, students and the community as a result. The Pegasus Digital Devices Project, developed and evolved out of the combined efforts of many concerned citizens and educators, and so it has been a collaborative venture. The kaupapa within this work is for transformation, and so equity is prominent in the project design and conclusions, which have been shaped around the voices and stories of those involved.

You can obtain the full report here

You can obtain an abridged version of the report here