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Ten Trends 2014 Overview

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CORE's Ten Trends 2014 overview

Each year, CORE Education’s experienced staff of researchers, education trainers, and technology experts pool their knowledge and expertise, and through a thorough process put together and publish CORE’s prognosis on what are the coming ten major trends in eLearning and education generally that will make an impact upon education in New Zealand (and other parts of the world) in the coming year.

Derek Wenmoth introduces the Ten Trends for 2014:

CORE Education's Ten Trends for 2014 are...

This year we have decided to focus our trends around five key areas of change, and for each we have chosen two trends to describe and illustrate. The five key areas of change provide a context for understanding how the trends may develop, and where we’re likely to see the impact of what is happening. The graphic above illustrates the relationship between this year’s trends and the areas of change at the centre.

  1. CULTURAL: Learner agency
  2. CULTURAL: Living in the digital now
  3. TECHNOLOGY: Learning analytics
  4. TECHNOLOGY: The singularity
  5. STRUCTURAL: Networked organisations
  6. STRUCTURAL: Learner orientation
  7. ECONOMIC: Maker culture
  8. ECONOMIC: Global connectedness
  9. PROCESS: Gamification
  10. PROCESS: New approaches to assessment

We shall be adding information about each of these trends approximately every three weeks.

Ten Trends on the CORE blog

Each month we will add to the discussion upon each of the trends on the CORE blog