Implementing your Pasifika Action Plan


As part of CORE Education’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of educational possibilities in the area of innovative learning environments, the course modules focus on the OECD seven principles of learning with a Pasifika lens (Dumont et al, 2010).

Participants will be equipped with knowledge and strategies for developing implementation practices that are in the best interests of Pasifika learners, as stipulated in their Pasifika action plan based on the goals, targets and actions of the Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017.

Learning outcomes

Course participants will be able to:

  • develop pathways to implement their Pasifika Action Plan
  • understand how to align and position the seven principles of learning within the context of their Pasifika learners
  • develop strategies for better participation, engagement and achievement of Pasifika learners and their parents, families and communities

Who is this for

Leaders and teachers who are about to embark on establishing a collaborative teaching team.

Leaders and teachers who have identified Pasifika as a key focus area for their CoL achievement challenge.

Course format

10 week course with 2-3 professional learning hours per week.

This course includes:

  • two synchronous lessons (live webinars)
  • one face to face session (at the beginning of the course)
  • at least four online activities (completed via Moodle)


Module One: It's all about the kids
Participants will explore the assumptions that we hold about Pasifika students by positioning learners at the centre and recognising the social nature of learning (learning principles 1 and 2).

Module Two: How do they feel?
Participants will explore their capabilities for building the emotional connections of students by putting emotions at the centre of learning and recognising individual difference (learning principles 3 and 4).

Module Three: How do they excel?
Participants will explore how to maximise student learning potential on all levels by stretching all students and focusing on assessment for learning (learning principles 5 and 6).

Module Four: How will you make a difference?
Participants will explore how to connect intergenerational learning by building horizontal connections and looking at the seven principles collectively in your specific context of Pasifika learners (learning principle 7).


27 Feb 2017


Online lesson times will be advised but are typically Monday - Thursday outside of school hours.


The cost is $485 per person. A discount of 20% applies for groups of 5+ people from the same school or centre.  All prices exclude GST.

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