Building Collaborative Practice


This course explores how teachers in schools and CoLs can work to increase student achievement through collaborative practice. The course will allow participants to apply their learning within the context of their own school or CoL by developing a framework for collaborative practice that best suits their needs and context.

Learning outcomes

Course participants will be able to:

  • gain a deeper level of awareness and understanding of collaboration and the benefits of collaborative practice among educators within and between schools
  • explore the collaboration framework, and develop understandings of how the five parts are suited to different contexts
  • develop strategies for building collaborative teams within and/or between schools
  • create an action plan for collaborative practice in their own school/CoL context, implement and evaluate it

Who is this for

The emphasis in this course is on professional collaboration. This course is intended for all teachers and leaders who are wanting to learn about or improve their approach to working collaboratively within and between schools. For example, you might be:

  • a CoL in-school or across-school teacher
  • a principal working in a cluster or CoL
  • teachers building collaborative teaching teams
  • a leader or teacher, tumuaki or kaiako working on building collaboration across your school or kura
  • an ECE leader figuring out how you fit into a cluster or CoL


Participants should have access to an education context that can be used for completing the challenge and applying the things they learn.

Course format

20 week course, running from 6 March to 31 July, divided into four modules. 
3-5 professional learning hours per week. 

Each module uses a Design Thinking process and includes: 

  • 1-3 facilitated webinars
  • online learning    


Module One: Discover collaboration
Participants will discover a deeper understanding of the big picture of collaboration relevant to their own context.

Module Two: Define collaboration
Participants will define the five elements of a collaborative framework unique and relevant to their context, and will begin to focus in on an aspect depending on the needs of their school or kura.

Module Three: Develop collaboration
Participants will choose a part of the framework to develop an action around collaboration that will link to their change plan.

Module Four: Deliver collaboration
Participants will use a part of the framework to effectively plan, prototype and evaluate collaboration within their context.


06 Mar 2017


Online lesson times will be advised but are typically Monday - Thursday outside of school hours. 


The cost is $830 per person. A discount of 20% applies for groups of 5+ people from the same school or centre. All prices exclude GST.

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