Innovative Learning Environments


Across Aotearoa, schools and kura are at a point where, for whatever reason, they need to change their physical footprint.

This course supports teachers in putting theory into practice when it comes designing what their learning spaces look like and how they support the type of teaching and learning they want to promote. It provides participants with the opportunity to delve deeper into the design of innovative learning environments, and guides participants through an active change process that supports them in their context.

Learning outcomes

Course participants will:

  • Discover how their current environment(s) is being used and learners' feelings in relation to it
  • Define what needs to be addressed/considered in their design for innovative learning environments
  • Develop ideas and designs that address the needs reflected in the discover stage
  • Deliver the changes in their context
  • Reflect on the changes they have made and establish next steps

Who is this for

This course is intended for all teachers and senior leaders in schools who are currently facing decisions around rebuilding their school. Whether it be a new build, greensite build or simple renovation, this course focuses on the process of developing innovative learning environments that enhance teaching and learning.


Participants should have access to a classroom/teaching context that can be used as the context for completing tasks and applying the things they learn.

Course format

20 week course divided into four modules. 

Each module consists of two synchronous sessions (one face-to-face where appropriate) plus online activities and support. Participants should aim to spend up to five hours per week on study and activities associated with this programme.


The course will be made up of four modules:

Module 1: Discover the current situation
Participants will enquire into the current use of space to gain a deeper understanding of what needs to change.

Module 2: Define the challenge
Participants will synthesise their new knowledge and understandings to develop clearer insight into what is possible in their space.

Module 3: Develop possibilities
Participants will explore and test the possible options to address the needs established in Module 1.

Module 4: Deliver the changes
Participants will put their prototypes into action and reflect on the impact they have made.


The central focus of each module in this course will be a challenge that teachers will undertake in the context of their own classroom/school. This will be negotiated at the beginning of the course, and various tasks and activities introduced through the course will contribute to that. 

Where more than one teacher from a school are participating, they will be encouraged to work collaboratively to develop strategies appropriate in their context. 

Participants will be expected to complete a challenge activity for each module of the course. Assessment rubrics are provided as the basis for providing a summative assessment in each module.

Be rewarded for your learning

Educators registering for Innovative Learning Environments can now receive credit for this course towards a post-graduate qualification with Unitec. Upon completion, you will be provided a letter to submit to your tertiary provider, along with the assessment evidence from the course.

For more information, contact your tertiary provider (details below) or email



24 Jul 2017


Online lesson times will be advised but are typically Monday - Thursday outside of school hours.


The cost is $830 per person. A discount of 20% applies for groups of 5+ people from the same school or centre.  All prices exclude GST.

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