Innovative Learning Environments


NOTE: This programme will be held Term 3, 2017. Date to be confirmed. Registration details will be available later in the year.


Across education, there is a growing awareness of the role that the physical environment plays in supporting powerful teaching and learning. Far from being passive, the built environment exerts pressure on us to act and behave in particular ways, and when used to support or promote high-effect pedagogies and practices can make a considerable difference to student learning. This programme explores the elements of innovative learning environments that make a direct impact on students.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” - Winston Churchill

Learning outcomes

Course participants will be able to:

  • identify how the physical environment can support powerful teaching and learning
  • design learning environments that are inclusive, culturally responsive and fit for the purpose of supporting future-focused education
  • evaluate, review and improve the function of a Innovative Learning Environment

Who is this for

Educators’ embarking on innovative learning environment development, or repurposing existing buildings, this programme will assist you to make sound decisions about creating effective learning spaces.

Course format

20 week course divided into four modules (5 weeks per module). 
3-5 professional learning hours per week. 

Each 5 week module includes: 

  • 2 facilitated webinars
  • online learning             


The course will be made up of four modules, each five weeks long:

Module 1: Educative purpose and modern learning practice
Using your future-focused vision for learning.

Module 2: The Site
Designing learning that make the most of your community, your site and your opportunities for connectedness.

Module 3: The Shell
Making the most of the built environment (either new builds or existing spaces).

Module 4: The Stuff
How to equip learning spaces with the right furniture, equipment and fixtures to bring your pedagogical vision to life.

Be rewarded for your learning

Educators registering for Innovative Learning Environments can now receive credit for this course towards a post-graduate qualification with Unitec. Upon completion, you will be provided a letter to submit to your tertiary provider, along with the assessment evidence from the course.

For more information, contact your tertiary provider (details below) or email