Educational Positioning System (EPS)

The Educational Positioning System is designed to promote genuine and sustainable professional learning and development, through a facilitated process, involving the entire school community.


About EPS

Schools are required to develop robust self-review processes to ensure that they are continually enhancing their organisational capability to raise student achievement. Many review systems can deliver on part of the picture, but the online Education Positioning System (EPS) developed by CORE Education in conjunction with Dr Julia Atkin illustrates the whole picture.

Just as a GPS helps us locate where we are in space, the EPS aids in determining where a school is in its educational development. Based on a framework of three interrelated dimensions and 18 key elements, the EPS is designed to provide a comprehensive process by which schools can review, plan, implement, and evaluate their progress in an ongoing manner through:

  • identifying areas of strengths
  • identifying areas of weakness
  • illustrating the "big picture" of where your schools sits within the educational landscape
  • providing strategic direction for identifying your goals and future development
  • empowering school stakeholders to take ownership of change and development in your school.

This comprehensive framework, combined with an online data gathering tool and facilitation support, enables a sustainable self-review and school improvement process for whole school development.