New Pedagogies for Deep Learning


Schools and clusters can join and take advantage of the great opportunities NPDL provides. Involving schools from multiple countries across the globe, members benefit from professional and expert guidance. The NPDL programme provides an ideal focus for Communities of Learning activity.

Applications to the MoE for PLD align with NPDL programmes, so as soon as we are notified of your successful application we can help you make a difference.


CORE Education, in collaboration with Michael Fullan, is extending an invitation to clusters of schools in New Zealand to join this highly successful project.

We work alongside educators to change the role of teachers to that of activators of learning who design learning experiences that build on learner strengths and needs, create new knowledge using real-life problem solving and help all students identify their talents, purpose and passion.

This project fits ideally with the aspirations of clusters seeking to work together as a community of schools under the IES initiative.

What the NPDL programme offers

  • Full access to the Deep Learning Hub which links to resources, information, support and other clusters globally.
  • Full use of the New Measures data platform to track and measure student outcomes through deep learning.
  • An invitation to participate in an annual conference on New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.
  • Opportunity to participate in international projects.
  • Opportunity to link with other NPDL schools globally.
  • Access to all research developed through the international participation. In particular, "A Rich Seam" report by Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy (PDF, 1.8 MB)
  • Support from the international NPDL team with the use of the Deep Learning Suite of Tools and Deep Learning Rubrics.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Australian (Victoria) cluster activities, including workshops, events and partner school’s activities.
  • Invitation to national workshops and events.*
  • Access to in-country resources via NZ-based resource hub.
  • Regular NZ webinars for NZ cluster leads and lead principals.

* Additional costs may apply.

Deep Learning Lab

2018's NZ Deep Learning Lab in Auckland was a huge success...information on the 2019 Lab is coming soon! If you'd like to register interest in attending our 2019 Deep Learning Lab please contact Margot McKeegan.

Kahukura NPDL Cluster stories

Principals and teachers share their experiences and the impact this project has had on both teacher and student learning across their schools.

Kahukura Cluster

Learning Partners

Learning Environment

Leveraging Digital

Cashmere Primary

Webinar: Michael Fullan with Derek Wenmoth

Derek Wenmoth speaks with Michael Fullan
In this webinar run during CORE's Connected Educator month 2015, Michael Fullan describe the lessons learned from this project. He shows how we can shift from traditional learning to deep learning, leveraging digital technologies to accelerate access to knowledge beyond the classroom, and cultivate student driven deep learning.

Learning kete