ACCELERATOR is an immersive experience that speeds up change in teaching and learning and activates innovative solutions.


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Learn more about upcoming ACCELERATOR events in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington


What's it about?

ACCELERATOR is an exciting, new, two-day immersive experience, designed to speed up change in teaching and learning by activating innovative solutions - and we’re bringing it to Aotearoa in 2018.

ACCELERATOR activates change through innovation by combining collaboration, speed, and creative abrasion to solve problems that matter. It is a meeting of minds and ideas, where participants collaborate to design new and innovative solutions to education’s wicked challenges.

You will pitch dreams, problems or ideas then form teams to design solutions quickly in a dynamic and high energy environment. Your ideas will be both supported and disrupted as you work with others rapidly to solve problems of teaching and learning. 

ACCELERATOR is facilitated and involves mentors from both education and the innovation industry. Participants are encouraged to bring along their teaching and learning dreams or gripes, wishes or wicked challenges: no matter how big or small.

Who's it best suited for?

Those who are ready to innovate and activate change. If you are looking for a whole new experience and the opportunity to grow new ideas and possibilities, ACCELERATOR is for you! 


  • Apply new approaches that will help you to think more deeply, play with ideas and design fresh solutions.
  • Grow creative and critical thinking skills. 
  • Create new networks of innovators both inside and outside education.

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