Kīwaha - Kēreru Set

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Our original 'Kēreru Kīwaha set'

Fun and popular kīwaha, a perfect way to start using te reo Māori every day in any setting.


Kīwaha or idioms are short colloquialisms in te reo Māori. These kīwaha can be used to encourage and/or celebrate achievements.

Product details:

  • Pack of 15x A6 sized laminated cards
  • Cover card with QR access code to our online support website
  • Resource comes shrink wrapped with instruction sheet
  • Single side colour print - Māori kīwaha with Pākehā translation
  • Online support includes soundfiles and free templates to begin creating your own. 


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Contact us at arareomaori@core-ed.org for further information or bulk orders.

Item Dimensions

Weight: 1000g

Width: 10.5cm

Height: 0.8cm

Depth: 14.8cm