Dr Vince Ham eFellowship

CORE’s Dr Vince Ham eFellows are deeply passionate, skilled, and inquiring New Zealand educators from early childhood to senior secondary. They push the boundaries of learning by embarking on a year-long fellowship to explore innovative, effective, and equitable teaching and learning. The purpose of the Dr Vince Ham eFellowship is to inspire transformational practice through inquiry.


Unuhia te pō, te pō whiri mārama,

Tomokia te ao, te ao whatu tāngata,

Tātai ki runga, tātai ki raro, tātai aho rau,

Haumi e, hui e, tāiki e.

Tēnei te reo pōhiri ki ngā muka tāngata katoa huri noa kia tono mai mō tēnei wānanga whakangugnu kaiako ki raro i te maru o Tātai Aho Rau o CORE Education.


Tātai Aho Rau is a concept that drives our professional practice at CORE Education. The principles and values also form a touchstone for the endeavours that CORE supports and promotes, including the Dr Vince Ham eFellowship.Tātai Aho Rau encapsulates four key elements:

  • Whakapapa: research and innovation that connects ideas to practice
  • Tikanga: research and innovation that has an element of reciprocity and sustains links between people/organisations

  • Reo: research and innovation that is shared in places where it can be used and sustained in practice

  • Wairua: research and innovation that is inclusive, encourages learning and critical reflection

The Dr Vince Ham eFellowship offers a unique opportunity for professional development for innovative educators. The eFellowship has been operating since 2004 on an annual basis. It involves teachers and kaiako in the early childhood, primary, and/or secondary sectors conducting an action research project with mentoring and financial support. The eFellowship is available to teachers and kaiako working in New Zealand in either English or Māori Medium kura, schools and ECE.

Throughout the programme, there is an emphasis on social justice and equity and how everyday changes in practice can produce sustained and transformative change in education.

The eFellowship is an invigorating and intellectually stimulating experience that aims to provide inspiration, thought leadership, and provocation. You’ll get to meet some like-minded educators — and have great fun!

Aims of the eFellowship

  • Support educators to carry out action research for change.

  • Develop and extend the skills of teacher inquiry.

  • Foster reflection and critical thinking.

  • Support new approaches and innovative practices, particularly in contexts serving diverse learners.

  • Build a network of innovative educational practitioners.

  • Facilitate the dissemination of transformational practice.

What you will experience and receive

  • A programme which includes workshops, dialogue, reflection, guest speakers, field trips and networking.

  • Ongoing mentoring (virtually) from CORE’s research team to support your action research project.

  • Travel, meals and accommodation for four regional meetings.

  • Teacher release (TRD or equivalent funding) for attendance at regional meetings. These meetings are two or three days each.

  • Registration and accommodation for uLearn 2018.

  • Ongoing connections with CORE Education and networking opportunities beyond the programme itself.

Have a look at what past eFellows thought of their experience: eFellows video.

What is expected of you

As you undertake your action research you will be expected to:

  • Attend all regional meetings at the scheduled times, including uLearn18 (October 2018, Auckland)

  • Meet with your research mentor(s) as agreed

  • Complete an action research project as agreed

  • Present your research findings at uLearn18

  • Share your eFellows research and experience through EDtalks or Te Matapaki and the CORE Blog

  • Write a short research summary highlighting your year-long research project which will be published on our CORE website

  • Bring your enthusiasm and your willingness to learn and embrace new ideas and thinking

  • Take part in the excitement and fun of the eFellowship!

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2018 eFellowship applications

eFellows for 2018 have been announced. Winners were announced at uLearn17. Check out the 2018 eFellows here.

efellows 2018

eFellows 2018

The Dr Vince Ham eFellowship scholarship winners for 2018 were announced at uLearn17. 

Let them introduce themselves and what they hope to achieve through the scholarship.

efellows 2017

eFellows 2017

The Dr Vince Ham eFellowship scholarship winners for 2017 were announced at uLearn16. 

Let them introduce themselves and what they hope to achieve through the scholarship.