Te rangahau, te arotake

Research and evaluation for greater learner and social impact

CORE provides research and evaluation services, often working with community organisations, local government, the public sector and funding partners, so that evidence can inform decision making. We drive action towards our vision (an equitable and thriving Aotearoa through learning), to shape the future of learning and to improve systems and policy. We work in Kaupapa Māori, Pacific medium and English medium settings with with diverse communities. 

Action research

  • Enabling evidence-based decision making.

Kaupapa Māori research

  • To drive action in the education space towards an equitable and thriving Aotearoa.

Thought leadership

  • Providing experts at the forefront of their fields to present.

Research consultancy

  • Undertake and evaluate research on your behalf.

Dr Vince Ham eFellowship reports

  • Provide research reports from our wide range of eFellows. 

Clients we have worked with