Games-based learning practice (part 1)


Nearly 70% of all New Zealanders play computer games. Both students and younger teachers have grown up in a society where games are embedded in the culture. It is undisputed that there are benefits which spill over into education and learning. There are also risks that must be managed. Discover the what, how and why of game-based learning practice in this gamified online programme that models the application of game mechanics to learning.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this online programme, you will have:

  • played and critiqued a range of games
  • engaged in practical exercises in game design and coding
  • supported a group in the design, development and implementation of a game.

Who is this for?

This online programme is for all educators and leaders who are interested in integrating game-based learning into their learning environment. No previous coding experience is required.

Programme format

This 9 week online programme will begin with an introductory webinar. Online activities will be supported by more webinars as required. Suitable for group or individual study.


Online programme

This programme is held online, with participants connecting with facilitators in regular webinars and forums to discuss and share learning.