Catalyst: the collaborative inquiry game

Gives teachers, leaders and Kāhui Ako a licence to play, innovate, take risks and design powerful learning to improve.


Catalyst is a practical tool to enact and sustain change in education. It is grounded in educational research, design thinking processes and is based on the spirals of inquiry. It is also underpinned by the OECD’s seven principles of learning.

Game for change

Catalyst: The collaborative inquiry game uses a board game format to facilitate collaborative inquiry and enable teachers, leaders and Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako to inquire deeply into their achievement challenges and activate steps to address these. This collaborative game-like tool fosters sustainable learning and once introduced it can be used independently without any facilitation.

Why play Catalyst: the collaborative inquiry game?

Catalyst helps you:

  • places learners at the centre of change
  • makes teaching as inquiry more engaging and social
  • scaffold thinking and change leadership
  • quickly identify gaps in knowledge and data gathering
  • allow everyone to be an expert using the role lanyards
  • develop the language of mentorship and effective collaborative team practises
  • deepen learning focused conversations
  • track the inquiry and provide evidence for practicing teacher criteria.

Kickstart support

We offer a facilitated kickstart session to get your collaborative inquiry underway. Our experienced facilitators of inquiry and innovation can help guide teachers and leaders through the inquiry process, ensuring the time invested has a significant impact on students and their learning community. 

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