Whakataukī Cards

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Whakataukī are aphorisms that exist for the most part as a result of the oral traditions of Māori.

The whakataukī featured in our set are words of encouragement and caution.


Product details:

Each whakataukī card showcases the te reo Māori on the front and the English translation on the reverse

These are slightly larger than a business card, and are housed in a perfectly crafted window box to allow you to showcase a new whakataukī each day

Free access is included via the QR access code on the product where you will receive the references for the whakataukī and an example of use.


Contact us at arareomaori@core-ed.ac.nz for further information or bulk orders.

Item Dimensions

Weight: 500g

Width: 10cm

Height: 6cm

Depth: 5cm