Talanoa on the job

Using a Pacific worldview to connect during the interview process.

Interest, respect and cultural awareness.

This webinar is for leaders, boards of trustees and community members of impact organisations  who are interested in learning more about using the talanoa approach in recruitment processes.

The Talanoa approach to recruitment is about showing genuine interest in your interviewee, understanding and making sense of what the experience is like for people from different cultures.

In this webinar you’ll explore verbal and non verbal communication and delve into background stories. It will help you lead authentic and respectful relationships within your team which can then form part of your new employee selection process.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Describe how the attributes/skills of an interviewee look, feel and sound from Pacific and Western worldviews.
  • Describe how Talanoa can be used to evaluate the attributes/skills of an interviewee during the recruitment process.
  • Identify cross cultural issues in the recruitment process.

Date and time

When: Thursday 30 March 2023 4 - 5pm

Cost: $50+gst

Venue: This webinar can be accessed from anywhere in Aotearoa. Registered participants will receive the link to the webinar one week before the event.

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